Is it possible to bring my old car for a contribution?

Yes, but the price we offer is approximately 80% of the vehicle market value.


Do you offer transport for vehicle from Europe?

We don´t offer transport.


Do you bring cars by subscription?

Generally not, but you can always leave your request, because our partners may have your desired vehicle.


Is it possible through you to order valuation report for the bank?

We don´t offer valuation reports , but at the same address they are issued by Intertrade and Veho Eesti AS.


Do you help in vehicle maintenance, and in installation of additional equipment if I buy car from you?

Yes, we are happy to assist, and we will find a suitable solution.


Can you help with the vehicle registration and with export documents?

Yes, we will help with all the registry operations and, if necessary, we transport vehicle in port or border post.


Is it possible to do a test-drive?

Test drive in our territory is always possible. For a longer test drive on the highway must be negotiated.